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Social Media Posts Listening Practice-Higher Inter

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Welcome to the Social Media Posts Listening Practice. This dynamic and engaging course is designed to enhance your listening skills through social media content in various Levantine dialects. If you're at a higher intermediate level or above and eager to improve your language comprehension, this course is perfect for you. Course Structure: Listening and Watching: In each lesson, you'll listen to and watch a social media post from a platforms like Facebook or YouTube. These posts will cover diverse topics, from trending to inspiring stories. Key Words: After listening to each post, you'll be provided with key words or phrases to focus on and listen again. This exercise will sharpen your ability to identify essential information while listening. Reading Comprehension Questions: After each listening activity, you'll be presented with reading comprehension questions related to the social media posts. This step will challenge your understanding of the content and encourage you to think critically about the material. Script Access: At the end of each lesson, you'll be given access to the full script of the social media post. Reviewing the script will allow you to check your understanding and analyse the new vocabulary and expressions used in the posts. Key Benefits: Enhance listening skills with authentic social media posts. Diverse voices, vocabulary enrichment, critical thinking, practical application, and time flexibility for improved language proficiency.

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