Numbers in Arabic Grammar (20 Onwards)

In previous lessons, we spoke about:

Numbers 1 & 2 in Arabic, Part 1 (Click here to review Part 1)

Numbers 3-10 in Arabic, Part 2 (Click here to review Part 2)

Numbers 11-19 in Arabic, Part 3 (Click here to review Part 3)

In this lesson, we will speak out Numbers 20 onwards; as well as ordinal numbers.

I mentioned that numbers in Arabic language can be a very confusing topic, even for native speakers, as they are governed by stringent grammatical rules. In this series of lessons, I will explain Arabic numbers in an easy and enjoyable way, through brain friendly study or flash cards, which have everything you need; and so that you can refer to them anytime. Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog to get the following releases and all new FREE learning tools; as well as get your subscription freebie: a complete Arabic conversation phrase book for beginners, which helps you get through daily life situations with ease (English translation and transcription provided). Additionally, follow the Facebook Page to get the new uploads straight into your news-feed!

Decades in Arabic

Centuries in Arabic