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Lebanese Verbs & Grammar Mega Course

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A complete comprehensive course for the study of verbs and grammar in Lebanese at an intermediate and advanced level. Learn to conjugate any verb in Lebanese and express yourself fluently in all tenses, plus other important grammar lessons. English transliteration + translation + video lessons + notes + practice ebooklets. Lessons: General Information about verbs in Arabic Personal Subject Pronouns in Lebanese (detached & attached) Order of Nouns & adjectives Dual &Plural Reflexive pronouns The Ten Arabic Verb Forms & Their Variations in Lebanese Various tables of conjugation in the past, present + imperative. Detailed and efficient explanations of how to conjugate Pronouns: possessive, subject, object, attached &detached Question Tools English Tenses Expressed in Lebanese: Simple Present Tense Present Continuous & Present Perfect Continuous Present Tense Stem without B- Prefix Past Tense Simple Past and Past Perfect Past Continuous Past Perfect Progressive Future Tense All Future Tenses The Conditional Conditional Simple, progressive, Perfect, and Perfect Progressive To want "Baddé" To Need Can &Able to كان Models Elatives Conditionals- Iza and Law Attached Object Pronouns Detached Object Pronouns “Iyyaa-” Verbs followed by Laam Preposition Active and Passive Participles Imperative Verbal Noun اِسْم الفِعْل The Passive Voice Phrasal Verbs Comprehensive Writing Checklist Unlock all the grammar holding you from moving on to a higher level in colloquial Lebanese.

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