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Marhaba! مرحبا

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Enrol Now in Lebanese Mega Bundle to unlock ALL courses and master Lebanese. Learn to Speak like a Native.

Lebanese Mega Bundle - Get fluent in Lebanese Spoken Arabic Conversation - Covers all Levels up to Higher Intermediate:

  • Get fluent in Lebanese Spoken Arabic Conversation. The courses focus primarily on the practical and conversational use of the language. Learn to actually speak the language, versus "learn about it".

  • The program covers 24 courses from complete beginner, with no experience at all in Arabic at all up to Higher Intermediate level. You also get access to future courses, at NO additional cost! There's always more :)

  • Get access to exclusive downloads of ALL my best selling books, stories and workbooks to learn Lebanese, over 2,500 minutes of video tutorials, more than 200 PDFS, 1,500 Quizlet flashcards, several reading and listening comprehension courses, and my best selling grammar book and course for Lebanese. (Everything is transliterated in English letters as well, in addition to the Arabic text + English translation). This is the ONLY program that will provide you with such a comprehensive and quality base of resources and courses in colloquial Arabic at such price.

  • Get access to my exclusive pioneering Learn to Read and Write in Lebanese course. The only course that teaches reading and writing in Lebanese Arabic. You don't have to learn that in standard Arabic anymore, as the pronunciation and choice of vocabulary is very different in each!

  • Get an unbeatable one-off discounted price of £299 or three instalments of £115. Original price of all courses and books bought separately = £999. You get all levels and don't have to keep paying to upgrade to the next level or pay for additional learning resources, like stories, workbooks, flashcards and phrasebooks. This is the only program that has this all-level inclusive feature. But this won't last for long. Make use of this exclusive feature while it lasts and before different levels are sold separately. 

  • Get unlimited lifetime access! No recurring fees or additional payments or requests for upgrade.

  • Get unlimited direct online support via the chat button.

  • Enjoy the option to learn on your own, or join at any time my "Inner Circle Conversation Club" for a minimal affordable monthly fee of £29 (which includes a Telegram group chat for one-on-one feedback, speaking prompts to speed up your fluency, and structured level-appropriate complementary Zoom group conversational lessons). Unlock your fluency and start speaking from day 1!

  • Got questions? Send me a chat message or an email to book a short Zoom call to discuss your goals and learn more about the program:

How does the online self-paced program work?

Language specialists know that studying any language takes a considerable amount of time and effort. To fully master Arabic, you need approximately 2,500 hours to get to a near-native level.


This is why the Lebanese Mega Bundle is LOADED with resources and courses, not just a basic course, and comes with LIFETIME access, as learning a new language takes time and effort to move from level to level. This allows you all the resources you need and all the time you need to work on learning spoken Lebanese Arabic. Resources online and particularly in colloquial are very limited and often not  verified for quality and not prepared by qualified teachers. You are also most likely to pay the same price or more for literally an inch of what I am generously offering you here or perhaps just one basic course, needless to mention the cost of books, stories, workbooks etc.

The Lebanese Mega Bundle provides you with the largest online library of courses, quality videos, audios, flashcards, checklists, suggested activities and study plan, and downloadable written resources for learning Lebanese as a foreign language, so you can just focus on your learning and enjoy the process. You are covered in terms of vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, conversation, and even a selection of many stories to savour.

I am also always a click away. If you have any questions or need support, you can simply use the chat button. I will always get back to you as soon as possible within UK working hours.

Commitment is key

The course is self-paced and online, which allows you flexibility, control, easy access, and a wide range of resources. While you will have everything you need, nothing happens without effort, and receiving an online education needs that same commitment. You have to be willing to put in the work and the required study hours to get the results. 

Need more one-on-one help and homework support? When you become a Lebanese Mega Bundle Member, you can also Join my Paid Inner Circle Conversation Club.

The Lebanese Mega Bundle is a one-off fee £299, for LIFETIME access to ALL the courses below, not just one of them! Can't pay in full? Choose the second option of three payments of £115 to enjoy the Lebanese Mega Bundle course with EXACTLY the same benefits and lifetime access as well.

24 Courses Included in Your Lebanese Mega Bundle. Click on each course below to read more about it. *All levels below are included. New courses are added periodically! YOU WON'T GET SUCH VALUE AND QUALITY ANYWHERE ELSE! Browse by level or by All courses:

One Off Fee - Enroll Now to Unlock All Courses - Lifetime Access

Super Value Bundle - Lifetime Access - 24/7 Support - All Courses - All Levels

  • Lebanese Mega Bundle

    Lebanese Spoken Arabic Beginners to Higher Intermediate
    • Get Lifetime Access to ALL courses in spoken Lebanese Arabic
    • *All 22 courses valued at £799; Get them for £299 only!
    • Save 13.33% or £46 with the one off payment
    • Online support through the chat feature on the site
    • Learn anywhere anytime, via mobile app, tablet or desktop
    • 22 Comprehensive courses to study Lebanese Spoken Arabic!
    • Get Access to:
    • Learn Spoken Arabic- the Ultimate 80 Lessons Course
    • Learn to Read and Write in Lebanese EXCLUSIVE course
    • You won't find this course anywhere else!
    • Verbs and Grammar Mega Course in Lebanese
    • (All the grammar and conjugation lessons you need)
    • Reading Comprehension Courses (All Levels)
    • Short Stories in Lebanese for Beginners and Kids
    • Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners Course I
    • Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners Course II
    • Let's Talk Workbook Course - Yalla NiHke
    • Food and Drink Course
    • Travel Arrangements and Making Bookings Course
    • Hobbies and Sports Course Vocabulary and Conversation Course
    • Describing People's Appearance and Personality Course
    • Business Arabic Course; Medical Vocabulary and Conversation
    • Holidays and Occasions in Lebanese Course
    • Superstitions and Myths in Lebanese Course
    • Social Media Posts Listening Practice Course
    • Lebanese & Levantine Music and Culture Course
    • Exclusive Course: Learn to Read & Write in Lebanese Arabic
    • Plus Future Courses!
    • Get your hands on ALL the resources you need:
    • One-click downloads: over 150 eBooks, PDFs and Stories!
    • Embrace your own library for learning spoken Lebanese.
    • Grow from beginner to higher intermediate level
    • Get over 2500 minutes of video learning content
    • 1300+ Quizlet flashcards to help you master pronunciation
    • Get complementary access to future courses added!
    • Learn to speak like a native!
    • Enroll today at this SUPER value price!

3 Months Installment Plan - Enroll Now to Unlock All Courses - Lifetime Access

3 Installments - Lifetime Access - 24/7 Support - All Courses - All Levels

  • 3 Payments of £115

    Every month
    Lebanese Mega Bundle - Pay in 3 Affordbale Instalments
    Valid for 3 months
    • Can't pay in full? You can pay in three installments of £115
    • Enjoy all the benefits of the Lebanese Mega Bundle
    • Lifetime Access to all courses

How long does it take to learn Arabic? What are the different levels? + An Overview of the Program.
Please note that the offer mentioned in the video for the Inner Circle Telegram Practice and Support Group is currently unavailable. The current monthly subscription fee is £29/a month.

What's hindering your fluency? Why can't you speak Arabic yet?
Please note that the offer mentioned in the video for the Inner Circle Telegram Practice and Support Group is currently unavailable. The current monthly subscription fee is £29/month.

Enrol Now. Choose the best plan for you to unlock all courses.

Learn Lebanse Spoken Arabic Program Bundles
Grow from Absolute Beginner to Higher Intermediate Level

Want to learn Lebanese colloquial Arabic from scratch? No previous knowledge of Arabic whatsoever is needed. These courses are handcrafted to get you speaking Lebanese from scratch to upper intermediate level, with complete peace of mind: quality resources, one-on-one friendly support, and mobile friendly access. They also come with English transliteration and translation, in addition to Arabic, so you can either study in Arabic or English letters, or both!

Lebanese conversation for daily life
Learn to converse in Lebanese about a variety of common daily topics. The courses are built around conversation and communication, to enable you to speak with confidence and ease.

Affordable Learning at a Great price
With the Mega Bundle you can cruise with ease from beginner to upper intermediate level, with no hefty fees. That’s really a bargain!

Lifetime Access
NO monthly bills, so you can have peace of mind, take your own time and just focus on your learning. 

Flexibility and choice in learning
Learn online in your own time and at your own speed. Learn via PC/ Laptop/ tablet/ mobile via the mobile app! Learn on your own terms, on the bus or train, or in the coziness of your own home.







Use the chat button for help and support.

You can also choose to enrol in the Inner Circle study and support group at any given point of time after you join.​


The Inner Circle is the perfect environment for leaning and support: Q&A, regular speaking and writing activities, one-on-one feedback, occasional meetups, and ongoing support and motivation for you to keep going in your leaning journey. It also comes at a very affordable price, less than what your daily cup of coffee costs! I run the group personally, no middlemen!



A MULTITUDE of resources
Exclusive Video Tutorials (2000+ minutes of Lebanese learning content!). You don’t have to scrounge the internet for resources and lessons. It’s all waiting for you and accessible at the click of a button. 
One click eBook downloads 📥 - Over 150 eBooks so far and counting! Your own mini library for learning Lebanese! 🤩🤩🤩You are covered 100% in terms of QUALITY written resources and notes which are extremely hard to find in colloquial Lebanese.
Exclusive free bonus content and giveaways from best-selling paid resources 🤩🎁 📚. You will certainly enjoy all the freebies! 

What are the students who already purchased the courses saying?
"If you desire to be inspired to learn Levantine Arabic please sign up for the program. If you examine the amount of material and support provided in relationship to the very reasonable cost you will see what a grand bargain it is !! It’s very inspirational and friendly too !!" by Mitchel, U.S.A.

"I’ve utilized many methods of learning Lebanese Arabic and Angela's courses are by far the best. I’ve improved tremendously in speaking, reading, and writing. She is the most devoted teacher and friend, no matter the time, she's always willing to answer my questions or check my writing skills and send any clarifications. I can say with 100% confidence Angela's courses deliver on many levels plus there's tons of materials you can have for life. I personally enjoyed the reading courses because all the stories are very original, entertaining and easy to comprehend. I highly recommend these programs for those interested in learn the Lebanese Dialect. Learn Levantine Lebanese Arabic With Angela," by Rosy, Mexico.

If you’re thinking: “Yes, I want in”, SIGN UP to the Mega Bundle for best value! The Mega Bundle includes ALL Beginners and Intermediate level courses, including stories, grammar, verb conjugation mastery mega course, and reading comprehension for both levels.

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grammar book cover 3d.jpg
Chatting Over Coffee


Learn all the important vocabulary you need to understand conversations in Lebanese and express yourself clearly.

 Online Class


Learn grammar smoothly through practical and conversational examples. Get all the grammar notes for study and review.

Paper Diary


Work on all skills for language development: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Online Teacher


24/7 support if you have a question regarding the courses via the chat feature.

Enrol Now. Choose the best plan for you to unlock all courses.


These two Amazon books are included in the modules in your Lebanese Mega Course Bundle:

Learn Levantine Lebanese Spoken Colloquial Arabic:
Introduction to Lebanese Arabic Alphabet, Sound System, Vocabulary,& Basics; Breakthrough Beginners +
Conversational Modules for Beginners
Your Complete Visual Book to Learn Lebanese. 

grammar book cover 3d.jpg

Lebanese Arabic Grammar: Verb Forms, Tenses, Conjugations, Pronouns, Possessives, Participles, Modals, Conditionals, Can, Need, Want, the Dual, ... Lebanese Colloquial or Spoken Arabic). 

10 stories.jpg

10 Short Stories for Kids and Beginners, including Audio:

  • Colors, Numbers from 0-20 and Shapes

  • The Alphabet and Animals

  • My First Verbs in Lebanese (Common daily verbs)

  • Methods of Transport

  • The Five Senses

  • Important adjectives: hungry, thirsty, sad, sleepy, bored, upset)

  • Garden Vocabulary and more!

Wordsearch puzzles to help you learn Arabic writing and the most common words in Arabic (Personal items, food and drink, etc).

1300+ Quizlet flashcards with Audio, and Arabic and English lTransliteration, to help you master pronunciation

Word Search Puzzles.png

Yalla NiHKe Workbook Course aimed at lower intermediate level, complete with audio and exercises.

Yalla NiHke.png

Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners, Courses I and II: Work on your listening, reading comprehension, grammar, verbs and writing exercises.

Super Simple..png

Reading and Listening Comprehension Courses for all levels, including: Vocabulary, Grammar and Verb Conjugation. Learn through short stories, real life scenarios and even social media posts. 

Verbs Reading Comprehension Courses.png

Once you complete the Beginners Ultimate 80 Lessons Course, you'll be able to take your language skills up a notch. You'll talk about things like planning trips, discussing your hobbies, ordering food, chatting about work and studies, understanding business Arabic, and describing people and their personalities. The exciting part is, you'll hold conversations about culture, traditions, music, and much more! Your progress is about to open up a world of new topics at intermediate and advanced levels! This is the ONLY program online that generously covers all levels and offers ALL-Inclusive resources to achieve fleuncy for the price of just a basic level starter course somewhere else. Make use of this great opportunity now as it lasts. Soon, the different levels will be charged accordingly.

Speak Real Arabic.png

Save LOTS of money by having one-off payment and the lifetime access. Get your hands on all the resources and courses you need to speak Arabic fluently: PDFs, Workbooks, Audio, Video tutorials, Stories, Flashcards, Quizzes, you name it! PLUS get access to new courses for FREE! If you sign up now, you get access to the new complete Podcast course, which will be sold separately for £129! Fifteen days 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program within 15 days of purchase.

Best Deal.png

What are my students saying:

Happy Woman
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Rachel from the UK:

Gabby from USA

Gabriel from USA

Others have also said:

“… just wanted to tell you that today I was able to finish the verbs and grammar mega course and all I can say is WOW!!! YOU HAVE DONE SUCH AN AMAZING WORK... I really loved it. So well prepared and explained, very easy to digest, all my doubts have been clarified, it has helped me a lot with my conjugations, this is a MASTERPIECE we won't find anywhere else!!! 👌🏻👍🏻😘☺️”


“Thank you for being a bright light in the Lebanese. I had given up hope for help !!”


“My teta (grandmother) is so happy when I send her messages in Arabic! Thank you so much for you class shukran ktir ktir”


“Your program is invaluable!!!  Thank you, 17 times !!!”

“Thank you, Angela. That is very helpful. I am benefiting a lot from this group.”


“Thank you for your patience and time! That’s everything. It gives us confidence to write more and to know someone will take the time to help!!


“Thank you for all the work you have done to create this course! It is truly appreciated!”


“I am really glad I have you as a teacher in this short time I’ve had more support in learning the Arabic language than any other teacher. And I am not saying that they aren’t great at what they do. I just feel sometimes they don’t understand the student’s needs or struggles. It’s more rather focused one way read of textbook then no follow up. But with you it’s different the additional support and content and if I am not sure about something I can ask you even in your busy schedule you get back I really appreciate that may Allah swt reward you for your passion of teaching Arabic.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
I am committed to your success and I expect the same commitment from you. If you enroll, do the assigned work and don’t get value after 15 days, I will happily provide a 100% refund. 
If you have any questions and would like further information, you can email me.

How do I join the courses on desktop and mobile app?
Watch this demonstration video:

Learn Spoken Arabic - Learn Levantine Arabic - Learn Lebanese Arabic - Learn Colloquial Arabic  
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Arabic Language Teacher and Coach at
"Learning Arabic with Angela"

I help students like you to speak Arabic and overcome any barriers that come between them and fluency in conversation.

Welcome to my online learning platform. As a qualified Arabic teacher and language coach, every day I help people like you SPEAK Arabic. My mission is to get my clients SPEAKING Arabic from day one on my programs. Every day I set out to break the barriers that keep them from effectively and fluently speaking the language. 

My students know they will get first class service and attainable results. I combine my knowledge of strategic management and education to craft programs and lessons tailored to deliver results. I measure my success not by course completion or number of lessons, rather how much they can speak Arabic and how close they are to their communication goals. I know that they are already tired and have tried ever app and course out there. At the same time, I know how to guide them strategically to conversational RESULTS. My knowledge and expertise in both standard Arabic and spoken Lebanese Arabic provides my students with a well-rounded and quality based experience.

I teach students from around the world, from all continents, individually and in groups. I teach in standard formal Arabic and spoken Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic. I teach university students, stay at home moms, businesspeople, diplomats and VIPs. They are all after the same goal: speaking and communicating clearly in Arabic.

When you sign up for my courses, I sign up for you as well, In terms of dedication and one on one support and coaching. Teaching Arabic is a passion and mission for me, not simply a job. My successful and very pleased clients are my biggest win.

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