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Describing People's Appearance & Personality

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At an intermediate+ level, this course widely expands your vocabulary and colloquial expressions in order to describe people's physical appearance & personality. Learn the following: Module 1: •How to say: a person / an individual, personality, people, human, humans...,general personality traits, skin color, hair, body type, eye color and size, having a beard or mustache, wears glasses... Module 2: •Various expressions using the word “aleb” or “heart”, which describe personality in Arabic. Module 3: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: smart, genius, gullible, ridiculous, silly, stupid, idiot, pathetic, funny, cute, likeable, annoying, etc. Module 4: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: selfish, arrogant, vulgar, wicked, low, etc. Module 5: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: polite versus impolite, calm versus easily agitated, and peaceful versus a troublemaker. Module 6: •Adjectives and expressions to describe someone as: introverted, extroverted, social, extremist, openminded, optimistic, pessimistic, spontaneous, sensitive, spoilt, pampered, nosey, affectionate... Module 7: •Adjectives that describe work aptitude: Hard-working, persistent, energetic, lazy, practical, a natural leader, cautious, rash, etc. Module 8: •The effect of birth order on the child's personality. You will be able to recognize and use a variety of adjectives to describe a close person, as well as speak about desirable and undesirable traits.

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