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Don't just learn about Arabic! Learn how to actually SPEAK ARABIC! My courses are tailormade to get you SPEAKING AND CONVERSING IN ARABIC!
Courses include complete video tutorials + your own downloadable resources +
Spoken Arabic course members get these additional exclusive bonuses fro three months: Live daily chat practice and support + Weekly conversational lessons!

Arabic conversation for daily life
Learn to converse in Arabic about a variety of common daily topics and for practical purposes.

Flexibility and choice in learning
Learn online in your own time and at your own speed. Learn via desktop or via the Spaces by Wix App

Online Support
Use the chat feature or email to ask any questions about the course (Paid Users).

Enjoy the free resources
Get free access to a wide selection of quality Arabic learning resources in PDF downloadable format. Each lesson comes with complete notes, in addition to other bonuses like story eBooks and workbooks.​

Chatting Over Coffee


Learn all the important vocabulary you need to understand conversations in Arabic and express yourself clearly.

 Online Class


Learn grammar smoothly through practical and conversational examples. Get all the grammar notes for study and review.

Paper Diary


Work on all skills for language development: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Online Teacher


As a paid course member, you can use the chat feature to ask questions relevant to the course.

What my students are saying:

Happy Woman
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five stars review learning arabic with angela.jpg
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Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
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Golden Star
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
I am committed to your success and I expect the same commitment from you. If you enroll, do the assigned work and don’t get value after 15 days, I will happily provide a 100% refund. 
If you have any questions and would like further information, you can book for a 15 minutes information session.
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Arabic Language Teacher and Coach at
"Learning Arabic with Angela"

I help students like you to speak Arabic and overcome any barriers that come between them and fluency in conversation.

Welcome to my online learning platform. As a qualified Arabic teacher and language coach, every day I help people like you SPEAK Arabic. My mission is to get my clients SPEAKING Arabic from day one on my programs. Every day I set out to break the barriers that keep them from effectively and fluently speaking the language. 

My students know they will get first class service and attainable results. I combine my knowledge of strategic management and education to craft programs and lessons tailored to deliver results. I measure my success not by course completion or number of lessons, rather how much they can speak Arabic and how close they are to their communication goals. I know that they are already tired and have tried ever app and course out there. At the same time, I know how to guide them strategically to RESULTS.

I teach students from around the world, from all continents, individually and in groups. I teach in standard formal Arabic and spoken Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic. I teach university students, stay at home moms, businesspeople, diplomats and VIPs. They are all after the same goal: speaking and communicating clearly in Arabic.

When you sign up for my courses, I sign up for you as well, In terms of dedication and one on one support and coaching. My successful and very pleased clients are my biggest win. 

How do I join the courses on desktop and mobile app?
Watch this demonstration video:

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