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Do you want to gain confidence and fluency in conversation and master the nuances of Modern Standard Arabic? (Requirements: Must know how to read and write and at least completed level 1/ A1 / Beginner level).

Join My Inner Circle Conversation Club, an Exclusive Telegram Group for Daily Conversational Practice and Complementary Zoom Conversational Meetups in Modern standard Arabic)

  • Enhance your speaking fluency in a safe and non-judgmental, friendly and productive environment.

  • Access frequent speaking activities, dialogues and prompts.

  • Build your fluency substantially through casual daily interactions (text, audio, video and pdfs).

  • Get one on one feedback for your contributions and expert Arabic language support, with prompt replies and a genuine investment in your progress.

  • Improve your speaking skills in a fun and interactive way.

  • Get exclusive tips, notes and PDF files.

  • Join any of my complementary conversational  Zoom conversational meetups, watch the recording if you are unable to attend and get the lesson notes for study and review.

  • Subscribe for £29 a month, less than the cost of your daily coffee. Initial membership joining fee = £45

  • Got questions? Send me a chat message or an email:

Join my exclusive community called "the Inner Circle Conversation Club" which is a Telegram practice and support chat group, as I know you will need the long term support and immersion as an Arabic language student. It's a monthly subscription of £29 and an initial joining fee of £45. You can join any day of the month, pause/cancel or renew your subscription at any time from your user panel. What to expect from this support and mentoring group: 

  • You can chat with me personally to ask me questions or practice in text, audio, or video. This is the only platform where I engage with my students one-on-one via chat!

  • I always reply as soon as possible, within UK working hours. I enjoy these daily interactions and look forward to answering your questions and helping unleash your fluency in Arabic.

  • I also send frequent speaking and writing prompts and activities carefully designed to encourage you to work on your speaking skills, and of course, I provide one-on-one feedback on anything you contribute. You get instant access to professional and expert support.

  • In the group I will be sharing useful vocabulary and expressions, tips, speaking prompts, homework correction and feedback, pdfs, notes, etc.

  • You can also interact with other group members and practice speaking. You will also benefit from their questions and contributions.

  • I also offer complementary conversational meetups via Zoom, 45 minutes long, UK term time only). The classes are focused on learning through conversation and practical context. You will be doing a lot of talking! This is not part of the paid monthly subscription for the Inner Circle Conversation Club. It's an initiative on my behalf to offer more support in terms of conversation and giving you a chance to practice this crucial skill. If you cannot attend at the set times, you can watch the recordings and receive the lesson notes via Telegram. Students who attend or watch the lessons see remarkable improvement in their speaking. *Lesson timings and availability subject to change, as this is a complementary service.

  • Paying for additional support and private lessons would cost you a lot more than what the Inner Circle has to offer for a minimal fee, less than  the price of your daily coffee. This is because I have set up the Inner Circle to offer you personalized help and to ensure you reach your fluency goals.

  • Get complementary access to all paid Modern Standard Arabic courses on the learning platform.

  • Beneficial for all levels and highly recommended for students to accelerate their language skills and get over any learning "plateaus", and for those who don't have access to a language partner or a private tutor to practice speaking.

  • Students who contribute daily in the group see positive results in terms of enhancing expression base and confidence in speaking. You must contribute to get results!

  • The Inner Circle Conversation Club is the perfect environment for leaning and support: Q&A, regular speaking and writing activities, one-on-one feedback, frequent online lessons to ensure you practice your speaking, and ongoing support and motivation to keep you going in your leaning journey. It also comes at a very affordable price. *Online lessons are offered on a complementary basis and not part of this paid subscription.

  • We will discuss all sorts of topics, tailored to different levels, such as daily life, personal life events and travels, one's traditions and culture, and topics of interest to build your vocabulary beyond the lower levels, such as: the environment, extreme sports, artificial intelligence, famous criminal cases, or simply complaining about one's day and the weather! There will also be frequent challenges! :) My teaching qualifications and experience in both standard and colloquial Arabic helps my students bridge the gaps and transition to speaking about higher level topics. You can trust that you are in the right professional hands.

Subscribe today and start speaking Arabic with confidence!

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