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"Learning Arabic With Angela"

Welcome to my online learning platform. As a qualified Arabic teacher and language coach, every day I help people like you SPEAK Arabic. My mission is to get my clients SPEAKING Arabic from day one on my programs. Every day I set out to break the barriers that keep them from effectively and fluently speaking the language. 

My students know they will get first class service and attainable results. I combine my knowledge of strategic management and education to craft programs and lessons tailored to deliver results. I measure my success not by course completion or number of lessons, rather how much they can speak Arabic and how close they are to their communication goals. I know that they are already tired and have tried ever app and course out there. At the same time, I know how to guide them strategically to RESULTS.

I teach students from around the world, from all continents, individually and in groups. My courses are in both Modern Standard Arabic and in spoken Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic.

When you sign up for one of my courses, I sign up for you as well, In terms of dedication and one on one support and coaching. My successful and fluent clients are my biggest revenue.

Book your strategy Zoom call today to help you attain your goals in Arabic faster. Note that I only offer lessons in spoken Lebanese Arabic dialect at the current time. My online Standard Arabic courses are free to sign up to.


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