"Learning Arabic With Angela"

The journey started when I was trying to teach my little one Arabic. I noticed a HUGE lack of free online resources for kids and beginners who do not have previous or solid knowledge of Arabic language.

Not only that, in addition to the lack of free resources, and the endless forms I had to fill, and the endless searches that I made online for hours in vein,.. what I found was not very interesting or engaging. It was also obvious that I had to spend a small fortune to get my hands on some good quality resources, like workbooks and stories.


Teaching a child or beginner a new language, especially something like Arabic, has got to be fun and interesting, I thought! It does not have to be expensive and time consuming either! 

The blog stems from my passion to offer a wide range of FREE  and quality Arabic learning resources for kids and beginners, such as flash-cards, worksheets, short stories, and guides in printable PDF format, easy to download-no hassle what so ever. I also offer  tips and advice on learning Arabic and understanding the Arabic culture . In addition, the approach in the blog to learning Arabic is fun, modern, and engaging, and has non-Arabic speaking children and beginners in mind.

I have received several acknowledgements from users worldwide who use the blog and follow it on Facebook and Instagram, and other social media. They are all looking for the same thing: free, no-hassle, downloadable, good quality Arabic language learning resources.


I am an experienced English-Arabic translator  and native Arabic speaker who has translated thousands of pages worth in the language pair, including: documentaries, company training videos, soaps, TV shows, and cartoons for major companies and TV channels in the Arab world. I am also qualified in education, and a creator of online Arabic learning resources; also running a successful Facebook Page, YouTube, and Instagram social media pages, all dedicated to teaching Arabic as a foreign language (Fus-Ha or Modern Standard Arabic, as well as Levantine Lebanese Spoken Arabic). I am also an MBA graduate and have a diploma in Education & Training, as well as in Education Psychology and Digital Learning, I have  completed several TAFL courses (teaching Arabic as a foreign language); including by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages- Arabic specific program). My style of teaching focuses of simplicity and modern brain friendly techniques in language learning, with a holistic approach, trying to shift Arabic online learning from a passive stage to "interactivity" and "immersion". My students start speaking Arabic from day 1.

I am always working hard to add new resources and make them easily available to you. To stay updated with the latest additions, subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook, as this is the best way to stay in touch!