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Hobbies and Sports - Intermediate+

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Join this vocabulary and conversational course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic to build your vocabulary and conversational skills in Lebanese, specifically relevant to topics about hobbies and sports. Learn the following: Various types of hobbies and sports Speak about your hobbies and sports Speak about your favorite hobbies, free time and activities Use adverbs of frequency effectively, such as: daily, weekly, once, often, usually, rarely, etc. Various important verbs in the past and present, as well as the gerunds, such as: to play, to practice, to try, to quit, to knit, to photograph, to climb, to hunt, to fish, to ride, to browse, to write letters... Speak in detail about reading and different genres and types of books Learn to speak about football: What team do you support? Who scored a goal? Who won? Who lost? Who's out? Learn to ask more advanced questions about hobbies and to answer them, such as: How long have you been practicing your hobby? Why did you start your hobby? How many hours a week do you spend on your hobby? Do you consider your hobby safe or dangerous? Can you make money from doing your hobby? Does your hobby interfere with your professional or personal life? What do you think is the most expensive hobby and the cheapest? Learn to describe your hobby in terms of being cheap, expensive, boring, enjoyable, stimulating, beneficial, for amateurs, for newbies, for professionals... This course is suitable for intermediate learners and higher.

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