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Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners

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Welcome to "Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners" in Levantine Lebanese Arabic! This course is designed to help learners who have completed the 80 Lessons beginners’ course or already have a basic understanding of the language, to put their learning into practice. Five modules cover listening, reading comprehension, grammar, verbs and writing exercises. Each text in every module is one paragraph long and includes the audio, making it easy for learners to fit language practice into their busy schedules and get a practical understanding of pronunciation, vocabulary, common expression, and grammar. At the end of each self-assessment, you will also get the English translations. When done in the right order, the course will help you reinforce key vocabulary and grammar concepts, enabling you to internalize the language. Whether you're a beginner or just need to refresh your knowledge and key concepts, "Super Simple Practice Exercises for Beginners" in Levantine Lebanese Arabic" is an excellent resource for improving your language skills. Start listening, reading, and doing the exercises, and take your language skills to the next level! Although I do provide the transcription, I highly recommend that by now you have taken the time to read in Arabic, as this is required for higher levels. Stories: يوم بالمول A Day at the Mall !مَلّا نْهارَ What a Day! !عُطْلِة بِتْجَنِّن An Amazing Holiday! !خزانتي فاضْيِة My Wardrobe is Empty بَيْت أحْلامي The House of My Dreams

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