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Superstitions and Myths in Lebanese-Intermediate+

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Join this engaging vocabulary and reading comprehension course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic, focused on superstitions and myths in Lebanese folklore. If you are an upper-intermediate learner seeking to expand your vocabulary and immerse yourself in Levantine culture, this course is perfect for you. Course Highlights: Module 1: Common Superstitions in Lebanese Culture Explore important vocabulary and expressions related to beliefs, faith, and doubt. Learn about superstitions, traditions, good luck, bad luck, and more. Module 2: Imm R‘aydé w-’abu Kiis (إم رعيدة وابو كيس) Discover the Thunder Witch and the Man with a Bag, the Lebanese counterparts to scary witches and the Bogeyman. Familiarize yourself with these fictional characters in Lebanese folklore, learning vocabulary such as character, fiction, scaring, legend, ancestors, mischievousness, adherence to rules, heritage, ancient versus modernity, and more. Module 3: The Evil Eye and the Affliction of Envy (الحَسَد وصَيْبِة العين) Explore the prevalent belief in the evil eye and protection against jealousy and envy deeply ingrained in Lebanese everyday language and traditions. Expand your vocabulary with terms like evil eye, affliction caused by the evil eye, envy, and relevant traditional expressions. This course is suitable for intermediate learners and above, providing a comprehensive linguistic and cultural experience.

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