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Medical and Health Vocabulary- Intermediate+

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Join this vocabulary and conversational course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic to build your vocabulary and conversational skills in Lebanese, specifically relevant to medical and health topics and terms. This is suitable for health professionals and other individuals wishing to advance their language skills and be able to converse to health professionals in spoken Arabic. It's also great if you are expecting a baby or work as a gynecologist, as there's a whole section about that! All is in spoken Arabic. (All come with English translation) Modules included: Review body parts Visiting the doctor and describing pain and symptoms; different doctor types, speaking about your appointment, pain intensity and location, etc (conversational module) Various symptoms and health vocabulary (vocabulary and conversation) Speaking about treatment options: how long, is it painful etc (vocab and conversation) Conversational Lessons: I have a headache + I'm better now (Speaking about pain and symptoms -conversational module) Important dental Vocab (vocabulary and medical terms) Internal Body Organs (vocabulary and medical terms) Various Medical Conditions (vocabulary and medical terms) Conversations with the GP/ General Practitioner (conversational module) Conversations with the Gynecologist (conversational module) The Importance of Routine Dental Checkups - Article & Discussion (vocabulary and medical terms; syntax) This course is suitable for intermediate learners and higher.

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2 Plans Available, From £115.00/month


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