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Learn to Read and Write in LEBANESE Arabic plus Basics of Conversation! A1 Level

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Welcome to this EXCLUSIVE course that offers a unique opportunity to learn how to read and write Arabic while incorporating the Lebanese dialect. Unlike other resources available, which primarily focus on teaching standard or formal Arabic, this course specifically addresses the specific nuances of spoken Lebanese. It covers the differences in sound, additional vowels, and their implications on pronunciation, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the dialect. Developing this course has been a labour of love that spanned several years. Lebanese, being a highly undocumented language and still considered a dialect despite significant changes since the introduction of Arabic to the Levant, has an intriguing linguistic history. The language shift in the region from Aramaic to Arabic was a gradual and lengthy process, with Syriac influences playing a significant role in the grammatical structure of Central Levantine Arabic. Recognizing the importance of accurately explaining the phonological system of Lebanese, this course aims to provide a solid foundation in understanding its linguistic roots. Many students are faced with two options: either learning standard Arabic first and risking mispronunciation when transitioning to Lebanese, or relying on English transliteration, which falls short in conveying the intricacies of grammar at an intermediate level. The course bridges this gap by offering a comprehensive and structured approach.

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