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Business Arabic - Intermediate+

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Join this vocabulary & conversational course in Business Arabic (Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic) to build your language, specifically relevant to topics about business life. If you really want to expand your vocabulary at an upper intermediate level and enhance conversation in daily life and specifically professional life and business situations, then this course is perfect for you. At the same time, if you would like to apply for a job in Arabic country, this course is helpful in setting you up for common conversational topics and vocabulary and expressions. Learn the following: -how to understand and reply to common interview questions in Lebanese Arabic. -how to make and receive a call, expressions like: leave a message, line is breaking up, call back again, put on hold, reception is bad, voicemail, etc. -how to speak about your plans and ask others about theirs in Lebanese Arabic. -how to understand and reply to common interview questions in Lebanese Arabic. A complete sample of a job interview with many useful examples as well many important linking words to use in your speech. -how to write a simple CV in Arabic. -how to speak about being tired, sleepy or late. -the different stages & types of education: primary, intermediate, secondary, baccalaureate, vocational education, university etc, the grading scale, verbs: to enroll, to be accepted, to apply etc. -making suggestions -working on a presentation -opening a bank account - banking voacbulary This course is suitable for intermediate learners+. -

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