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Short Stories and Reading Comprehension- Interm.+

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Welcome to "Short One Page Stories in Levantine Lebanese Arabic"! This course is designed to help learners of Levantine Lebanese Arabic improve their language skills by providing short stories in the language and accompanying reading comprehension questions. There are five stories. Each story is one page long, making it easy for learners to fit language practice into their busy schedules. The course includes stories covering culturally-relevant topics and engaging narratives, providing a deeper understanding of Levantine culture while improving vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension of this unique dialect. In addition to the stories, this course also features the audio for each story, reading comprehension questions and a list of Arabic expressions with English translations. These tools help reinforce key vocabulary and grammar concepts, enabling learners to internalize the language. Whether you're an intermediate or an advanced learner of Levantine Lebanese Arabic, "Short One Page Stories in Levantine Lebanese Arabic" is an excellent resource for improving your language skills. Start reading and listening, and take your language skills to the next level! *Note: This course is not transliterated. It's only available in Arabic letters. However, the English translation and list of expressions are provided as well as the audio. It's suitable for higher intermediate and advanced learners.

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