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Lebanese & Levantine Music and Culture - Interm+

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In this mini-course suitable for higher intermediate students and above, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Lebanese and Levantine Arabic music and culture, while sharpening your reading and comprehension abilities. Module 1: You will discover the beauty of Lebanese Zajal, a traditional form of literature and colloquial Arabic poetry. Module 2: will explore the iconic song "Alo Beirut" by the legendary Lebanese singer and actress, Şabāḩ, who mesmerized audiences with her powerful voice and enchanting performances in the mawwal genre, a popular form of traditional music in the Middle East. Module 3: names of months and traditional proverbs in the Levant. As you dive into these cultural treasures, you will also work on expanding your vocabulary, refining your grammar, and honing your conversational skills. English transcriptions will be provided to facilitate understanding, and you'll have access to a printable PDF for reading practice, complemented by thought-provoking comprehension questions. If you're an Inner Circle member you can sumbit your answers there for feedback. Through engaging texts, you'll seamlessly learn vocabulary, verbs, and expressions, ensuring you can effortlessly apply your newfound knowledge in daily conversations in Lebanese Arabic. By the end of the course, you'll have a deeper appreciation for Lebanese music and culture, and also possess valuable language skills to enhance your communication in the rich tapestry of Lebanese expressions.

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