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Food and Drink Lebanese Arabic Vocabulary

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Join this vocabulary course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic to build your vocabulary in Lebanese and specifically in relevance to food and drink: fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients, meats and grains, fried/boiled/grilled/raw, hot and cold drinks, main meals, appetizers, desert, sandwich filling, etc. Learn also to write your shopping list in Arabic, to express your wants and needs, ask and answer questions relevant to food, important conversational questions and expressions when ordering food and drink (Ordering a coffee or an iced drink, a sandwich with various fillings, pizza over the phone, and going through a menu). In addition, learn to describe food taste, flavor and texture, such as greasy, oily, crunchy, soggy, marinated, burnt, aged etc. You can only speak a foreign language once you have accumulated a solid vocabulary base. Language specialists recommend 250-500 words for a functional beginner who is able to get through introductions, answer simple questions, and hold basic conversations. At a conversational level you need at least 1,000-3,000 words, and a FLUENT speaker knows 10,000+ words! Launch yourself with essential vocabulary in Lebanese Arabic to enhance your fluency and sentence building. Food and drink is one of the most common topics that we talk about in daily life, so this course is perfect to help you converse in Lebanese!

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