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Holidays and Occasions - Intermediate+

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Join this vocabulary & conversational course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic to build your language, specifically relevant to topics about holidays and occasions. If you really want to expand your vocabulary at an upper intermediate level and immerse yourself in the culture of the Levant, then this course is perfect for you. Learn the following: Various names of holidays in Arabic and English and a snapshot of their significance. Using various verbs, participles and nouns to speak about holidays and celebrations (to celebrate, to hang something on the tree, to invite, an invitation, an invitee, etc. April Fools Days in Lebanon Using ordinal numbers, months and dates to speak about holidays. The two main types of calendars used in Arabic countries & Lebanon. How to say a certain holiday falls on a certain day. How to speak about New Year's Resolution using important verbs and expressions: to quit, to start, to continue doing something, to forgive, to do your best, etc. Conversational questions and answers to speak about the holidays. A lesson about the Eid of Barbaara in Lebanon and its significance, using various vocabulary and verbs relevant to holidays: costumes, masks, traditional, chants, go around the streets, symbolizes, saint, as well as traditional food ingredients. A lesson about Christmas rituals and traditions. A lesson about the Ramadan & important verbs such as to fast, what to say, etc. This course is suitable for intermediate learners and higher.

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