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Short Stories with Reading Comprehension I - Beginners- Lebanese

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Join the beginners Reading Comprehension course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic. This course builds your vocabulary and conversation skills and transports you swiftly to an intermediate level. Learn how to build and connect sentences and learn how to speak about familiar and common topics, such as: hobbies, sports, daily routine, food and drink, animals, location, time and parts of the day, school and study related, arts, reading material, bookings, asking for help and directions, and much more. Grammar-wise, learn about various common verbs, use of tenses, linking words, active participles, masculine and feminine adjectives, noun annexation and more. A total of 4 lessons and 12 stories packed with valuable learning for you. Each lesson includes: -Three short stories or reading passages -Complete video lesson with tutor explanation -Questions and Answers solved by the tutor -Your printable resource for revision and practice. You will be working on your reading comprehension, listening and writing skills. You will be learning vocabulary, verbs and expressions in a seamless and fun way, through stories and practical examples. You'll take away valuable learning to apply in daily conversation in Lebanese.

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3 Plans Available, From £29.00/month


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