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Short Stories in Lebanese Arabic- Kids & Beginners

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Enjoy a selection of 10 short stories in Lebanese colloquial spoken Arabic, suitable for kids and beginners or parents/carers who would like to teach their children Lebanese. Boost your learning with the magic of stories. For each story you will get a downloadable PDF file and an audio/video link to listen to the story and the correct pronounciation. Stories included: Colors, Numbers from 0-20 and Shapes in Lebanese The Alphabet and Animals in Lebanese My First Verbs in Lebanese (Common daily verbs) Methods of Transport in Lebanese (+verbs to ride, sail, drive etc.) The Five Senses (+verbs to see, hear, smell, feel and taste) (Important adjectives: hungry, thirsty, sad, sleepy, bored, upset) شو بَدّي؟ Shuu baddé? What do I want? Feelings & Emotions بِشو عَم حِس؟ Bi-Shuu 'am ḩiss? What am I feeling? (Happy, sad, embarrased, excited, crying, laughing, smiling...) (Graden Vocabulary and expressions) بِالحَديقَة في... Bil-Ϧadii’a fii… In the garden there is… (The importance of brushing teeth) سُوسِة Sousé (Tooth Cavity) Bḩib el-Maama… I love My Mommy بْحِب الماما

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