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Travel Arrangements and Making Bookings

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Join this vocabulary and conversational course in Lebanese Levantine colloquial Arabic to build your vocabulary and conversational skills in Lebanese. You will be able to make bookings, reservations, and travel arrangements, such as for the: cinema, theatre, taxi and airline. Learn about making airline travel bookings: Review telling the date in Arabic and the Aramaic and Gregorian calendar. Review telling the time. Review days of the week. Making a phone call to reserve or purchase airline tickets. Speaking about travel details such as date of depature and arrival, number of passengers and preferred seats. Verb to book or reserve and its participants. Confirming a reservation. Speaking about the number of people (using dual and plural). Speaking about the length of the flight. Speaking about the price of the ticket and reviewing reading combined numebrs in Arabic. Follow the journey of a passenger from the hotel, taking a taxi, through the airport, check in, security, the flight, until landing, collecting luggage &customs. Learn how to make cinema and theatre bookings in Lebanese Arabic, including: Asking about and describing movie and play genres / types. Specifying where you would prefer to sit. Asking about the ticket price+review reading compounded numbers. Expressing one's opinion about the movie or play. Reading important information such as showtimes, opening times, contact info, how to get there etc. This course is suitable for intermediate learners and higher.

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