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Reporting Different Accidents and Unfortunate Events - Intermediate +

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In this mini-course, suitable for higher intermediate students and above, learn how to describe and speak about accidents, using the right terminology (verbs, nouns and expressions), as well as how to accurately report them and get help. This is obviously an essential topic for any language learner. Types of accidents covered: road traffic accidents, fire, assault, theft, injuries, etc... Part 1: A conversation between two friends about a road traffic accident + practical reading comprehension and sentence building exercises. Part 2: Translate various texts describing accidents. Part 3: Speak about different other unfortunate events and accidents, and learn about important relevant terminology and how to describe these events. Part 4: Filling an accident report form. Through engaging texts, conversation and examples, you'll seamlessly learn vocabulary, verbs, and expressions, ensuring you can effortlessly apply your newfound knowledge in daily conversations in Lebanese Arabic. By the end of the course, you'll have stronger language skills to enhance your communication and speaking fluency.

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