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45 Minute Crash Course in Modern Standard Arabic

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Are you eager to learn Arabic but don't know where to start? Look no further! This free online course in essential Arabic phrases and conversations is specially designed for new beginners, providing you with the fundamental building blocks to confidently communicate in Arabic. This super easy course includes clear transcriptions and English translations, making it easy for you to grasp pronunciation and meaning. Additionally, grammar notes are incorporated to help you understand the structure and nuances of Arabic sentences In this course, you will learn over 100 common sentences and 200 essential words that form the backbone of everyday Arabic conversations. From basic greetings, common courteousy, introductions to practical expressions for conversation, you'll gain the skills needed to engage in real-life scenarios with native Arabic speakers. As a special bonus, upon enrolling in the course, you'll receive a FREE PDF guide that complements your learning journey. This downloadable resource contains all the course content, enabling you to study at your own pace, even when offline. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on your Arabic learning journey. Whether you're interested in exploring the rich culture of the Arab world, planning a trip to an Arabic-speaking country, or seeking to enhance your language skills for personal or professional reasons, our "Essential Arabic Phrases and Conversations" course is the perfect starting point. Enroll now and enjoy learning!

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Conversation Club-Modern Standard Arabic, £29.00/month + £45.00 Joining Fee


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