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The Arabic Vocabulary Accelerator Course- FREE-MSA

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15 Steps to success! If you are feeling stuck at beginners' level for what feels like ages and getting tired of the lack in progress, then this course is perfect for you. Learn Arabic naturally and effortlessly through short stories. Rather than beat yourself up with difficult and dry grammar, engage in amusing short stories in Arabic, which can convey complex ideas in practical and graspable ways. And that's not just me saying it. Psychologists and brain experts unanimously agree that storytelling helps with learning because stories are easy to remember in comparison to dry facts and long lists on words or rules. It keeps you motivated and helps you make practical sense of vocabulary and expressions in a foreign language. Think how us humans naturally teach small children spoken language. We do not sit them down and lecture them. Instead, it's often through rhymes, song and stories, passed down from generation to another. This video course is a collection of carefully chosen stories with a wide range of vocabulary to help you accelerate your Learning in a fun and seamless way, including reading comprehension quizzes and FREE PDFs. This way you can review the stories any time and read them again at your own pace. I can guarantee that if you complete the program with due diligence, making the most of the quizzes and taking down your own notes and keeping a study journal with your own example sentences, that you will certainly see great results within a short period of time.

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