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Top Arabic Vocabulary & Conversation -FREE - MSA

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Learn the most important common vocabulary and conversational scenarios in Arabic, a basic start for a beginner or an intermediate learner to tick all the boxes. You can only speak a foreign language once you have accumulated a solid vocabulary base. Language specialists recommend 250-500 words for a functional beginner who is able to get through introductions, answer simple questions, and hold basic conversations. At a conversational level you need at least 1,000-3,000 words, and a FLUENT speaker knows 10,000+ words! If you are not sure if you have what it takes or have a random approach that increasing your frustration, then this course is a perfect for you. Launch yourself with essential vocabulary and conversation in Arabic to build your fluency and sentence building. Packed in this fun course are downloadable PDFs and notes, as well as quizzes and word search puzzles in Arabic! *In the paid version, you get ALL the downloadable PDFs. *In this free version you still get to enjoy the lessons and do the onscreen quizzes (First Two PDFs FREE ONLY, for personal use). Modules: Colors Shapes Family Members Days of the Week Parts of the Day Food and Drink (3 Parts) Names of Places Shopping Seasons and Weather Home-Address-Rooms-Furniture-Ordinal Nbs Hobbies and Sports Health and Medical Making Bookings: Airline, Cinema and Taxi Body Parts Direction, Location, Places, Countries, Continents Common Verbs 100+ Most Common Everyday Words

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