10 Different Ideas to Help your Child Learn about Shapes in Arabic Language

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Learning about shapes is a fun and interesting topic for small children. The idea behind identifying and recognizing different shapes is developing the child's cognitive skills, like discovery and imagination, problem solving and mathematics. Here are 10 different ideas which can help your child learn about shapes in Arabic language:

1- You can use play dough to mold the different shapes together. Remember to say the word for each shape out loud and repeat it as often as possible. For example, "Mothallath" is the word in Arabic for triangle. Make sure you say "Mothallath" loud and clear and whenever you get a chance: "I am going to make "Mothallath" now… Can you also make "Mothallath" like me? That's a nice looking "Mothallath"…" You could also point out any "Mothallath" or triangular shapes in the home environment.

2- Hide some shapes in a box filled with salt or streamers, and ask the child to find the shape you call out in Arabic. You will need to use a print out with the Arabic names of the shapes and their pictures for this purpose. You can tick each shape and reward them with a small treat or sticker once they have discovered them all. You can also take turns, so that the child can hold the paper, and point and call out in Arabic the shape you have to find. Of course, they would need assistance in the beginning, and remember as I always say, repeat, repeat and repeat.