20 Common Arabic Proverbs and Their English Equivalents

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Proverbs are used in almost every language, as they are means of communicating something that is "common truth" and connecting with past wisdom or knowledge. It is also not surprising that many proverbs are found in more than one language. This is simply due to the fact that humans have always exchanged and traded things, not only in a commercial sense... These transactions also encompassed language, literature and culture too.

Learning about another culture or language usually involves learning about their proverbs, as it enhances metaphorical and communication skills. It is also worth mentioning that this important part of learning foreign languages is being neglected at the present, despite it being an effective way of memorizing vocabulary and bridging the idiomatic expression.

In this blog post I will mention a few basic yet very popular Arabic proverbs, which I personally grew up with. They are worth sharing with your little ones as another way of helping them learn Arabic and understand your culture. They are also good to know in general for anyone learning Arabic.

Time is money. الوقت من ذهب.


Arabic wording:

الوقت من ذهب.

Al wakto men zahab.

Translation: Time is gold.

English Equivalent: Time is money.