Air-Travel Arabic Conversation and Phrase Booklet, at the Airport, and in the Plane

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Follow the journey of a person who is traveling by air, from his home, to the concierge at the hotel lobby, where he asks for a taxi, then with the taxi driver, then at check in, passport control, security, boarding gate, in the plane, and until he lands. The guide or Arabic short story comes in an easy downloadable PDF format, with English subtitles and transcription, and includes many useful and practical travel phrases to enrich the Arabic leaner's vocabulary. There is also a YouTube video, where each sentence is read out in Arabic, followed by English.

Learning Arabic becomes easier, when vocabulary is used in meaningful sentences, and in a logical order, such as a short real-life story. This approach makes learning a new language like Arabic more brain-friendly. I also highly recommend watching the YouTube video, as well as reading the booklet.

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