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Arabic Short Story and Video "Journey of a Caterpillar"

Story & A1 Arabic Revision Lesson رِحْلَةُ يَرَقَة

This story is about the journey and transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. In this journey, which brings to mind the famous "The Hungry Caterpillar", world renowned story, the caterpillar meets a different insect friend each day, and they eat different foods. What you will learn from this story and video lesson:

  • Revision through Arabic level 1, in a short Arabic story with English translation and full explanation.

  • Different insect names in Arabic.

  • Speaking about the weather.

  • Describing pain and sickness symptoms.

  • Different food names in Arabic and how to say: a slice, a piece...

  • Using verb to come.

  • Using verb to be/not to be, to become/not to become.

  • The difference between verb forms I and VIII (1 and 8).

  • Counting (gender disagreement and ordinal numbers).

  • Using the dual form, and much more.

Snippets from the story:

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