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You can now learn arabic vocabulary and conversation online and free of charge! Take a free online self-paced course in Arabic now! Learn anywhere, anytime, from your your laptop or using the mobile app.

Assalamu 'alaykum! Marhaban! السّلام عليكم! مرحبا Peace and hello! Firstly let me thank all of you for allowing me to be part for your Arabic language learning journey. I've started the blog to be able to provide quality and free Arabic learning resources for everyone. Few years ago it was really hard to find that online, and I'm super glad now to find there is a growing number of resources online. I'm also delighted to be able to bring forth to you free online arabic courses in Mondern Standard Arabic or Fusha الفُصحى. The selection, type and level of courses will continue to enhance and expand in the future. What makes these courses different is that they revolve around building your vocabulary and conversation skills. As you may already know from my blog or YouTube lessons, I always focus on practical and conversational context. All you have to do is click this link to choose a suitable course. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog to get notified of new courses and new lessons.

The paid courses include the lesson PDFs, but are exactly the same and include the same video lessons and on-screen quizzes. So, it's totally up to you whether you would prefer to take your own notes or purchase the notes and exercises. You also have the flexibility to learn from your laptop or mobile device by using the Wix Spaces app. You can learn anywhere and anytime at your own leisure.

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