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Children's Arabic Worksheet: I Search for the Dinosaur

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

أُفَتِّشُ عَلَى الدِّينَاصُور!

I hope you will enjoy the new section for children's resources. Leave a comment to let me know if it's worth continuing with.

The free workbook has the word dinosaur written in Arabic, in addition to various dinosaurs attached to the letters. Print and cut up the letters; either one by one, or phonetically, such as: ديـ / نا / صو / ر

Next, hide under a tray covered with some sand and pebbles, or rice or similar material. Have some magnifying glass عَدَسَةٌ مُكَبِّرَة / مُكَبِّرavailable and a brush فُرْشاة (even a toothbrush will do!), or something similar. Your child is now all set to look for the dinosaurs. Once he or she has found the letters, they can also practice joining them.

You will also find in the workbook a page to trace the word, coloring and matching. You can expand on this activity depending on the child's level, such as looking up more relevant vocabulary and verbs. For this workbook, I have chosen terms that are common across standard and spoken Arabic, to make the activity even more child-friendly.

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