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How to Save Money $ And Make Your Own Arabic Alphabet Flashcards and Games

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Arabic alphabet flashcards, puzzles, games and other educational resources can be quite pricey. Average investment in a decent set of flashcards starts from around $7 excluding posting charges. Also keep in mind that kids get bored quickly and would need more than one game. They would also move from one level in learning to another, thus making the products bought before useless. Never-mind mentioning wear and tear.

Considering the costs involved, I decided to invest in a laminator. This way, I would be able to produce as many flashcards and games as I wanted, and in the precise designs I need. I got myself a small "Texet (LMA4-V) A4 Laminator" at a bargain price from Amazon. It came with a few plastic A4 lamination pouches, but I also purchased additional ones. They're relatively cheap to buy.

I had never used a laminator before, but it was very simple and easy to use. First, I switched it on, until the green power button was on (meaning it's ready to laminate). Second, I inserted the paper to be laminted, already placed in a plastic pouch, sealed side in first. It went in one end and came out the other. Then, I cut out the cards, and my flashcards were ready to go.

How to make your own Arabic Flashcards using a laminator

You can see in the pictures how I used the lamintor to print out some Arabic alphabet flashcards, plus the Arabic diacritics حركات التشكيل. We played a game where I asked Angela to correctly position the diacritics on the letter for each of the three scenarios, "Fatha, Damma and Kasra" فتحة ضمة كسرة. (Ba, Boo, Bee, Ta, Too, Tee, etc.)

How to make your own Arabic Flashcards using a laminator

It was fun playing the game. I could also re-use the laminated cards over and over again, and would probably come up with new ideas and make some more. All of that, for the price of one product or set of flashcards. I have also used the laminator to make flashcards about the weather and the four seasons in Arabic, which proved to be very interesting for my young one.

How to make your own Arabic Flashcards using a laminator

So, if you're considering saving money and would be up for some hands-on creativity, this option may be good for you. Please leave your comments and thoughts. Have you saved money by making any similar Arabic learning flash cards or games? Share your ideas with us and leave a comment.

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How to save $ and make your own Arabic flashcards steps

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