Describing People's Appreance and Personality in Arabic

Updated: May 9

How to describe people in Arabic.

How to describe someone's physical appearance in Arabic, as well as their personality.

In this comprehensive level you will learn how to describe people physical appearnce and looks in Arabic, as well as use adjectives to describe their personality. You will learn how to say: blonde, brunet, slender, bold, mustache, beard, curly hair, straight hair, funny, attractive, talented, stubborn, patient and much more! You will also learn about using comparatives and superlatives (elatives أُسلوب التَّفْضيل) ) in Arabic language grammar in a very simple and easy way, as usual using conversational and practical examples. You will be able to draw comparions when describing people. In addition, you will learn some useful vocabulary for speaking about family at an intermediate level: for example, how to say someone is called "...." instead of their name is.., and other expressions.

*Intermediate Level العائِلةُ وَوَصْفُ الأشْخاص


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Snippets from the lesson:

You have to watch the video to understand how comparatives are formed from three letter based verbs (pattern af'al) and other verbs. You can also look at the various examples provided in the pictures below. I higly recommend you view the lesson, as it's explained in a super easy way!