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Hobbies and Sports in Arabic, Adverbs of Frequency in Arabic

Master Arabic conversation, learn to ask others and to speak about hobbies and sports in Arabic, as well as use adverbs of frequency effectively in sentences.

In this lesson, you will learn how to ask and reply to conversational questions in Arabic about hobbies, free time, sports and exercise, as well as expressing likes, dislikes and preferences, what's you favorite movie/food/magazine, etc. You will also learn about adverbs of frequency in Arabic: sometimes, always, rarely, usually, etc, with lots of useful examples. In addition you will learn how to replace the verb in the present tense preceeded by "An" particle with the gerund, plus idafa construction, tackling grammar in a fun and simple way. Lots of practice to help you out!

Snippets from the lesson:

Before that, I higly recommend you view the video lesson and do the practise at the end to test your understanding!

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