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How to Learn Arabic by Playing Screen Games

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You don't have to make all learning activities formal, as in sitting at a table with pens and papers or in front of a chalk board. Simple daily activities and routines can be utilized to maximize learning Arabic language. For example, when the child is playing with their favorite game, tune in and engage conversation in Arabic.

One of Angela's favorite games is about pizza making. It's ideal, because there is a lot of vocabulary that can be relayed to her in Arabic. As she is choosing her toppings, I say them clearly in Arabic and repeat, such as cheese "jobnah", fish "samak" or tomatoe "tamatem". And as she is slicing the pizza or doing any other action, I describe what she is doing in Arabic. She may not catch on instantly, and I don't expect her to, but the key is repetition and creating as many opportunities as possible to use the language.

Using Games to Learn Arabic

To download a similar game, just go to your play store or apple store and type in "pizza making games for kids". You can choose among lots of fun games.

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