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How to Teach Kids about Opposites in Arabic, Resources and Techniques

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

This is one of my favorite topics in Arabic learning, as there is so much opportunity to engage the learning child and get them to have fun at the same time. The main goal would be introduce simple and easy Arabic adjectives, which are useful for everyday conversation.

As recommended by, for the subject of opposites, you can use drawing, miming and flashcards to help the learner. The same can be applied to learning in Arabic. Drawing on a paper or board, as well as using flashcards would help the learner from a visual point of view. Make sure to say the words out loud too and repeat. Miming and using exaggerated body language can help further illustrate the words and their meaning.

After you have demonstrated a few adjectives, try to play simple games with the child, such as call out one adjective and ask them to identify the matching flashcard. Assist them with miming and giving away hints, as much as needed. Another way to play the game is to mime one word and ask the child to guess what you are miming. You can also exchange roles, so the child can mime and you would describe the adjective mimed.

I have made my own simple YouTube video for kids to help them learn about opposites in Arabic, with the basic vocabulary for beginners in mind. I kept it short and sweet. You can watch it below. Alternatively, you can also download my free e-book about Opposites in Arabic for kids by clicking here.

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