How to Teach Your Child about the Days of the Week in Arabic

Updated: Jul 27

Learning about the days of the week in English and Arabic is an important milestone in every child's learning journey. They are now ready to understand and deal with abstract concepts, such as that of time and the ability to distinguish that each day is different. Here are a few steps to help them learn about the days of the week in English and Arabic:

1- Begin by explaining that every day is different and independent, breaking it down to day and night, or morning, afternoon and evening. Explain that some days are for school, others are not; that on certain days they have activities (like gymnastics or football) and not on others, etc. This will also help them in knowing what to expect for each day and avoid frustration.

2- Name each day separately in English and Arabic, and make sure to tell them what day is it today. You may wish to start with English first and then Arabic, or both, depending on what you prefer and what you think would be easier for your child.