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How to Teach Your Child about the Days of the Week in Arabic

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Learning about the days of the week in English and Arabic is an important milestone in every child's learning journey. They are now ready to understand and deal with abstract concepts, such as that of time and the ability to distinguish that each day is different. Here are a few steps to help them learn about the days of the week in English and Arabic:

1- Begin by explaining that every day is different and independent, breaking it down to day and night, or morning, afternoon and evening. Explain that some days are for school, others are not; that on certain days they have activities (like gymnastics or football) and not on others, etc. This will also help them in knowing what to expect for each day and avoid frustration.

2- Name each day separately in English and Arabic, and make sure to tell them what day is it today. You may wish to start with English first and then Arabic, or both, depending on what you prefer and what you think would be easier for your child.

3- Explain that a week is comprised of seven days, again explaining that each day is independent and going over the names of the days. Don't forget to mention that when one week is over, another begins, and so on.

4- An important part of this process is explaining the differences between yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Start by explaining how yesterday was the day before and reminding them of what they did or what happened on that day. Then, explain that today is the current day and mention what is happening for today. Similarly, explain that tomorrow will come after and tell them what to expect.

5- Highlight the differences between school days or working days and the weekends, explaining how on working days students go to school, parents to work; and on weekends how everyone relaxes and enjoys a break.

6- Resources to help you learn the names of the days:

· Use a song to learn the names together.

· Use a calendar, pointing out each new day, where the week starts and ends; and show them how the seven days make a week.

· Make meaningful relations, such as telling them that Monday's is the start of the school after the weekend; Tuesday's for Ballet, Saturday is for going to the park, etc.

· Count down to important events, such as Halloween, Christmas or Birthdays.

You may wish to download a PDF eBook about the names of the week in Arabic and English, showing you the proper pronunciation of each day. You can read this eBook with your child.

You may also wish to watch our short YouTube video on the subject.

Expanded video recommended of older learners: Learn to speak about days of the week in Arabic as well as your daily appointments and schedule, in addition to school subjects, in a fun and conversational way:

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