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Ibn Battuta, Learn Arabic through Short Stories

Famous figures from Arabic and Islamic history - Ibn Battutah - Learn Arabic through Short Stories with English translation

In this lesson: a brief look into the story of Ibn Battuta, a famous Muslim traveler from the 14th century, who globe trotted the ancient world, visiting over 40 countries and crossing a distance of over 75,000 miles before the invention of transport methods like the car or train. He left behind a book documenting his travel journeys and tales, which has been read over generations since his passing and became part of Arab and Muslim history and literature. He described places, people and cultures that he came across, sometimes if not often very different to his own, in a time when there was no internet or access to information and when travel was not a simple task. Nowadays, a famous shopping mall is named after him in Dubai and Arabs study about him in school and read his tales.

Watch the video, which has been made into a short story in Arabic with English translation, about a student going back in a time machine to ask Ibn Battuta a few questions: CLICK HERE TO GO TO YOUTUBE DIRECTLY.

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Dear Angela,

Thank You so much for your splendid efforts.

I have just listened to your video lesson "Ibn Battuta" It is really super !!!

I have to admit, I admire your way of explanation and desire to teach.

Would like to follow other stories like this, please give me their links or kindly direct me to them, will be highly thankfull.

Do You have some on-line courses or platforms, I would like also to attend.

Best regards,

Idris Karikcioglu (from Turkey)

+90 533 325 13 63 (WhatsApp)

Replying to

Most welcome. You can join the vocabulary course accelerator - MSA - on the online courses page, free of charge for more stories and free pdfs.

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