Ideas for Arabic Learning Activities and Games (Learning through Play)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

In a previous blog post, I have spoken about the importance of learning through play, not just in an educational context, but in relation to enhancing cognitive and social-abilities, and developing lifelong skills. Teaching Arabic to a child on your own can be a daunting and challenging idea. However, by looking for fun and creative ways to do that, Arabic learning can become an engaging activity and quality one-on one parent-child time.

Speaking from personal experience, it has been another way of bringing me closer to my daughter, and I was also surprised by how much I was learning about her too. This was the idea behind calling the blog "Learning Arabic With Angela" and not simply "Learn". As the days progress, you will find that the simple idea of learning something new together can create a strong bond, let alone if Arabic was your mother tongue and now your child can now relate to you in on a different level. Teaching Arabic to your child can be very joyful and rewarding for both of you.

When looking for interesting activities and games to learn the Arabic language, make sure you consider the child's age and unique abilities and preferences. Being their parent means you are the best person to judge that, and means that you can simply alter and shape any ideas to best suit your learning journey together. I will mention a few ideas here to inspire you:

1. Play dough is a cheap and fun resource to utilize. You can practice molding letters or writing their name with play dough.

2. Use Arabic alphabet flashcards with matching animals/objects which to play find or guess the animal or word game. You can find some free downloadable ones on Pinterest, or you can purchase some readily made ones by visiting this link on Amazon. You can use flashcards for different topics, like colors or the weather.

3. Use interesting coloring and writing worksheets. Again, I can't recommend Pinterest enough for finding valuable and free resources, like these. You can check out my Pinterest profile for some ideas.