Interrogative Maa

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Interrogative Maa ما الاسْتِفْهامِيَّة

In this blog post I will explain about "Maa" interrogative tool in Arabic. It corresponds to "What" in English, and it is considered a noun. Note that there are many kinds of Maa in Arabic and some are nouns while others are particles.


ما اسْمُك؟

(Maa Ismuk?)

What is your name"

ما في الرِّسالة؟

(Maa fee ar-risaala?)

What is in the letter?

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ما مَعْنَى حُقوق المِلْكِيَّةِ الفِكْرِيَّة؟

What is the meaning of intellectual property rights?

حُقوق = plural noun = rights

حَقّ = single noun = right

المِلْكِيَّةُ : المِلْكُ أَو التَّمْليك noun

مِلْكِيَّةٌ خَاصَّةٌ : مَا يَمْلِكُهُ الإِنْسَانُ = private property