Introduction to Arabic Language; All You Need to Know About Arabic!

Arabic Language: it's history from ancient times, features, interesting facts and differences between Classical, Modern Standard, and Spoken Arabic.

Before you start learning Arabic, and even if you have already started, it is important to have an idea about the history of the language and it's main features. This will broaden your knowledge and provide you with an informed approach to learning. Here is a detailed YouTube video that will take you on a journey from the very start of Arabic or when it is believed to have been born, even before the birth of Arabic letters! Yes, did you know that Arabic was written with other letters initially and that Arabic letters came at a later stage! Watch the video to find out more and to find out also why and how short vowels or diacritics (called "arakāt" in Arabic) were added. It also informs you about the introduction of dotting or "iʻjām" which changed the shape of Arabic letters forever.


In this video you will learn about:

-The ancient history of Arabic language even before Arabic became in its common form.

-The development of Arabic writing.

-The phonological and syntax structure of Arabic as a proto-Semitic language.

-The use of dotting, short and long vowels in Arabic.

-The sentence structure in Arabic.

-The different types of Arabic today: Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and Spoken Arabic dialects, and exactly what each entails; the pros and cons. Which one to learn and why?