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Learn about the Four Seasons and Weather in Arabic for Kids

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Children are tough about the four seasons and the weather as early as nursery. They may also be used to watching the weather forecast with their parents, and may even associate certain holidays with specific seasons. As adults, we start, very early on, teaching them about the differences between "hot" and "cold", "rainy" and sunny", and other weather phrases. It is an interesting topic for Arabic learning too, since you can engage their senses and imagination.

There are many activities where we can get a child to learn the Arabic vocabulary for weather and seasons. For example, simply ask them to look outside and describe the weather. When they reply in English, use the relevant Arabic words or phrases; say them out loud and repeat. For example, you child says: "It's rainy". You can reply saying: "الطقس ماطر، مطر" (Attakso mater, matar; meaning: It's raining, rain). You can also point out to the rain and say: "matar", or to the sun and say:"shams". After some time, you can expand on their vocabulary by asking more questions, like what they will wear and if there are clouds or wind, etc.

You can get creative with sensory activities, for example, putting out a bowl of warm water and one with cold water, asking them to dip their hand in each and saying out loud the words "harr" and "bared" (hot/ cold). You can reverse the exercise by asking them which one is "harr" and which is "bared". You can also add a bowl of ice cubes and use the word "thalj" or ice/snow in Arabic. Alternatively, you can use pictures, such as a picture of an icecream and another of the sun, or a cup of coffee.

You could also use printed cards for winter and summer seasons, and the relevant clothes, and talk your child through them, explaining how we wear different clothes for each, Of course, use some Arabic words and repeat, repeat, repeat. It's important to keep repeating the words and to say them out loud, as part of language teaching. Even if the child remembers one or none at all, with time, they will catch on. It takes patience and persistence. You can also play a game where you would mix the cards and sort them out for each season together.

You can get my flashcards eBook for seasons and weather in Arabic by clicking here (PDF format). You can also find some interesting Arabic worksheets and vocabulary charts here. You can also use my seasons and weather images below and watch my YouTube video.

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