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"Looking After Teeth" Topic In Arabic

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

If you're teaching your child Arabic, dental hygiene is a fun and educational topic at the same time, which you can utilize to learn some Arabic vocabulary. The National Health Service in the UK recommends to brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste, twice a day, for at least two minutes. It also recommends that children are helped or supervised with brushing teeth until they are seven years of age. Before going through the Arabic resources, here are just a few tips to encourage small children to brush their teeth:

Brushing teeth is recommended twice a day, for 2 minutes at least

1. Be a good role model and perhaps brush together. Even get their teddy bear or favorite doll to brush their teeth, just to show that "everyone" needs to brush their teeth.

2. Make it a fun activity, by including songs, or using an egg timer, or getting a bit messy with the toothpaste.

3. Get them to choose their toothbrush and tooth paste flavor. There are some nice animal and Disney designs that are interesting for kids.

4. You may use a reward system to encourage them; for example, collecting a sticker each time they brush their teeth, in order to get a small reward after a certain number of days or times.

To incorporate Arabic learning into the daily routine of brushing teeth, start gently by including words and small phrases in Arabic (such as: tooth brush, tooth paste, brushing teeth, etc. in Arabic). Repeat each word or phrase several times and make sure your'e pronouncing it loud and clear. You can download and utilize our free Arabic Vocabulary PDF for looking after teeth, which list the basic vocabulary in Arabic, with English translation and pronunciation, suitable for children and adults (beginners), or browse through it from the gallery below.

You can also download our short illustrated Arabic story about looking after teeth, "Sousa" (meaning tooth cavity). Read the story to your child in Arabic, and don't forget to use your body language and "dramatize" when reading. This will help them understand and conceptualize the new vocabulary. It will also make reading time more fun.

Enjoy the free downloads. For more free Arabic learning and reading resources, check out our Stories and Downloads pages. Don't miss out on any new additions and free resources, subscribe to the blog (click subscribe from the main menu). And stay tuned by Liking our Facebook Page. It's the best way to stay in touch! Please feel free to share any ideas, comments or resources with other readers by leaving a comment below or emailing directly to the blog.


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