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"My Family", Family Members in Arabic

FREE Story eBook, Instant PDF Download + YouTube Video. Learn about Family Members in Arabic.

Learn about the names of family members in Arabic language.

First watch the video, and then download the eBook. This video is about the family tree in Arabic, including vocabulary like maternal / paternal aunt, uncle, and cousin, brother in law, sister in law, father in law, mother in law...

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Answer to question 1: (Definite is underlined, indefinite is in bold)

الطَّقْسُ جَميلٌ.

[Attaqsu jamiīlun.] The weather is beautiful.

البَيْتُ كَبيرٌ.

[Al-baytu kabīrun.] The house is big.

أَحْمَدُ طالِبٌ مُجْتَهِدٌ.

[Aḩmadu ţālibun mujtahidun.] Ahmad is a hard working student.

أُحِبُّ القِراءَةَ.

[ʼUḩibbu al-qirāʼata.] I love reading.



Thanks a lot, I got it.


Afzal Raza


Hi Afzal, just click on the link provided where it says "Click here to download the free printable lesson ebook" and from the top right choose direct download from options. I just verified the link and it's working. Hope this helps. 😊


Hi dear Angela; hope you are fine. I am trying to get a print out of the e-book in PDF but it does not work out. Please guide me how to print it.

Thanks a lot.

Afzal Raza


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