Shapes in Arabic Language

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Learning about shapes is a fun and interesting topic in Arabic language. In this blog post, you will learn about shapes vocabulary, watch a video, and also read a short story, for a comprehensive learning experience.

To begin with, here is the 1-minute Shapes YouTube video. You may watch below, or CLICK HERE.

Basic Shapes in Arabic (Shakl شكل in singular; Ashkal أشكال in plural); flashcards also below :

دائرة Dā’erah = Circle

مستطيل Mustatīl = Rectangle

مربّع Murabba’ = Square

مثلّث Muthallath =  Triangle

نجمة Najma = Star

قلب Qalb = Heart

هلال Hilāl = Crescent

معيّن Mu’ayyan = Rhombus/ Diamond

خماسيّ الأضلاع /خماسيّ Khomāsī = Pentagon

سداسيّ الأضلاع /مسدّس Mosaddas = Hexagonal

بيضوي Baydawey = Oval

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