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Shapes in Arabic Language

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Learning about shapes is a fun and interesting topic in Arabic language. In this blog post, you will learn about shapes vocabulary, watch a video, and also read a short story, for a comprehensive learning experience.

To begin with, here is the 1-minute Shapes YouTube video. You may watch below, or CLICK HERE.

Basic Shapes in Arabic (Shakl شكل in singular; Ashkal أشكال in plural); flashcards also below :

دائرة Dā’erah = Circle

مستطيل Mustatīl = Rectangle

مربّع Murabba’ = Square

مثلّث Muthallath =  Triangle

نجمة Najma = Star

قلب Qalb = Heart

هلال Hilāl = Crescent

معيّن Mu’ayyan = Rhombus/ Diamond

خماسيّ الأضلاع /خماسيّ Khomāsī = Pentagon

سداسيّ الأضلاع /مسدّس Mosaddas = Hexagonal

بيضوي Baydawey = Oval

You can also download and read the simple short story about shapes in Arabic, below, by CLICKING HERE. Remember, all learning material is also available for free direct download on the Downloads page.

I hope the lesson was useful and enjoyable at the same time!

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