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The Five Senses in Arabic

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Here is another important beginner's topic to expand the Arabic learner's vocabulary base. The following flashcards about the five senses adopt a brain friendly approach, and provide not only vocabulary, but also some useful phrases or sentences. Learning is also complemented with a YouTube video, to hear the vocalization. To get all the flashcards in a PDF e-Book, CLICK HERE, or on the pictures.

The five senses are called: "al-hawaasu al-khams" in Arabic الحواس الخمس.

Sight is called "haassatu al-basar" حاسة البصر.

أرى بعينيّ.

"Ara bi ‘aynaayy".

I see with my eyes.

أرى قطّةً سوْداء.

"Ara qittatan sawdaa’".

I see a black cat.

Hearing is called "haassatu ass-sam'" حاسة السّمع.

أسمع بأذنيّ.

"Asma’u bi uzunaayy".

I hear with my ears.

أسمع مواء القطّة.

"Asma’u muwaa’a l-qitta".

I hear the cat meaw.

Smell is called "haassatu ash-sham" حاسة الشّم.

أشمّ بأنفي.

"Ashummu bi anfee".

I smell with my nose.

أشمّ رائحة الزّهور.

"Ashummu raa’ihata az-zuhour".

I smell the flowers.

Taste is called "haassatu at-tazawwok" حاسّة التّذوّق.

أتذوّق بلساني.

"Atazawwaqu bi lisaanee".

I taste with my tongue.

هذا طعْمه لذيذ.

"Hazaa ta’muhu lazeez".

This tastes delicious.

Touch is called "haassatu al-lams" حاسة اللّمس.

ألمس بيدي.

"Almusu bi yadee".

I touch with my hand.

ملْمس هذا ناعم.

"Malmasu haaza naa’im".

This feels soft.

I hope the lesson was useful and enjoyable at the same time!

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