The Four Seasons and Weather in Arabic

Updated: Apr 13

Weather is an international topic. Who doesn't speak about the weather or complain about it every now and then? It's also a great conversation starter! Let's learn the basics of the four seasons and weather in Arabic language.

You can watch the YouTube video below to listen to the pronunciation and see the visual explanations. Learning is better when you can actually see, hear and read the words. It gets those neuro-connections to form and help you remember the information better!

Learn all about the weather in a conversational context + the four seasons in this video tutorial:

The four seasons in Arabic language:

Conversational examples about the weather and temperature in Arabic:

Learn about weather and more revision topic for A level/beginners level in Arabic through this short story tutorial (Different insect names in Arabic. Speaking about the weather. Describing pain and sickness symptoms. Different food names in Arabic and how to say: a slice, a piece... Using verb to come. Using verb to be/not to be, to become/not to become. The difference between verb forms I and VIII (1 and 8). Counting (gender disagreement and ordinal numbers). Using the dual form, and much more. ):