The Present Tense and Moods in Arabic Language

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Verbs in Arabic Language; Part 2: All you need to know about the Present Tense in Arabic language, Declension and Conjugation; including the Subjunctive and Jussive Moods: Brain Friendly Study Cards.

Review Part 1: The Past Tense (Click here).

In this series of lessons, I will provide a detailed explanation for each verb, in terms of declension and relevant signs, as well as conjugation, using brain friendly study cards, to help you recall the information, and refer to it when needed. Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog to get the following release for the imperative, and all other new FREE learning tools; plus get your subscription freebie: a complete Arabic conversation phrase book for beginners, which helps you get through daily life situations with ease (English translation and transcription provided). Additionally, follow the Facebook Page to get the new uploads straight into your news-feed!

علاماتُ رَفْعِ الفِعْلِ المُضارِع Nominative Signs of the Present Tense (Default case; no presence of Nasb or Jazm particles)

علاماتُ نَصْبِ الفِعْلِ المُضارِع Signs of the Subjunctive Mood for the Present Tense when preceded by a Nasb Particle.