"Where is the Monkey?", Arabic Short Story with English Subtitles (Prepositions)

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

"Where is the monkey?" is a simple short story in Arabic, in a PDF downloadable format, aimed at beginners and kids, to demonstrate the equivalents of English prepositions in Arabic; or simply to know how to respond to the question "Where?". The story or prepositions guide has English translation and transcription, as well as descriptive pictures, to help the reader.

You can start by watching the YouTube video to hear the words. (Click here to externally open in youTube)

You may download the storybook directly by clicking here, or from the Stories or Download section in the blog.

For the workbook, click here or on the picture below. (Remember all material is also in the Downloads page).

"Where is the Monkey?" Workbook for PDF download