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Marhaba Arabic Course
Start Speaking Arabic from Day 1!


Marvin, Mexico, small business owner and lab professional, interested in Arabic language and culture.

"A big difference between before and after"

“For me, Marhaba course did a big difference between before and after. The classes are really easy to understand and focus a lot on communication for you to speak faster. That includes several practical exercises and learning techniques that make you improve Arabic language skills since the first moment The class is also funny and I felt comfortable and supported all the time. This course is just Amazing!”- Marvin, Mexico.

"You will enjoy it!"

Aisha, Argentina, school teacher, learning Arabic for religious purposes and to be able to teach it one day herself.

“Marhaba Arabic Course is a course that can help you to improve your Arabic language. The classes are very well planned. They are dynamic and so didactic with many amazing activities, such us reading, hearing, talking, playing many kind of games. You will enjoy it! Don't lose this great opportunity to be part of this wonderful course with a wonderful teacher.”
- Aisha, Argentina.

Available for individuals as VIP one on one serivce, or as a group course for corporations and organizations.

The Marhaba online Arabic learning course for beginners will give you a rocket start in Arabic reading, writing and conversational skills, and launch your Arabic learning journey with immediate results that you can see after every session . You will enjoy the interactive classes and become part of a small tightly knit community of learners, mentored for future success, with daily support outside the classroom, and even after. 

On my course you will actively LEARN and SPEAK the language and not simply learn about the language, or listen to an instructor go through endless slides and lists of vocabulary. Learning will be natural and smooth, requiring just your attention and participation in the classroom, as you will be immersed in conversation.


You will also have access to an exclusive comprehensive online Arabic learning library, the kind of library that teachers reserve for themselves only! You will find all the required books and resources that will help sail through Arabic learning, free of charge. You will also be supported in developing your own personal learning plan for Arabic language, specifically tailored for your personal goals.


And in addition to all of that, you will get bonus welcome gifts when your enrol: : 100% FREE Arabic learning books from my paid books selection.

Bonus#1 🤩 exclusive access to online library with all the resources you need for Arabic learning. 

Bonus #2 🤩 personal learning and development plan. 

Bonus #3 🤩 100% FREE EXCLUSIVE eBooks from my eBook store. 

Bonus # 4 🤩 access to a private dedictaed support group with instant messagong service. 

The course is split into two phases depending on your skill level, and you can join from phase 1 or phase 2:

This course is deliverd one on one VIP lessons, or as a group course for groups of learners, such as corporate companies or organizations.

To book on demand; please email:

Phase 1, for Breakthrough / absolute beginners (from Zero): Reading, Writing and Conversing: 

10 Lessons x 2 hours each weekly, (total of 20 hours)

Group Price: £20 x 4 payments for the 20 hours

VIP one on one price: £17 per hour

The first phase, phase 1, is dedicated for absolute beginners, to learn how to read and write the Arabic script, plus conversational basics that will prepare them for the next phase. This is perfect for those who do not have any previous knowledge of Arabic, are not very confident with their reading and writing skills, or are not familiar with the Arabic script and sounds.

What will you learn in this phase?

You will not just simply learn letters and irrelevant lists of vocabulary. You will immersed in conversation, listening and speaking activities straight away. Every piece of vocabulary and expression you will learn in phase 1 is crucial in familiarizing yourself with the language and building the vocabulary and syntax base preparing you for higher level conversations at phase 2.


Learning will be fun and smooth, with lots of spaced repetition. It's great for busy individuals, even if you don't have much time to review between lessons, proper revision and scaffolding in the class will help you naturally and effortlessly retain it all.

Phase 2, for Beginners or those who have already completed phase 1, to master various conversational topics at A1 level:

17 lessons × 2 hours each weekly, (total of 34 hours)

Price: £50 x 4 payments for the 34 hours

VIP one on one price: £17 per hour, including premium coaching service.

Once you complete this phase, you will be confidently able to start a conversation with a native, speaking about your job, country, family members and hobbies. You will also be able to order coffee or food from an Arabic restaurant, and buy items from the souq or shops, as well as bargain for a better price. You will also be able to confirm a booking and find your way through the airport, all in Arabic!

Marhaba Online Arabic Langauge Course for New Beginneres. A1 Level Arabic. Conversational Arabic.

I would describe myself as a non-conventional teacher. I love to engage and entertain, coming from a family that worked in showbiz and Arabic media. This also gives me the advantage of effective and clear communication, crucial for a language like Arabic, which has so many new sounds for foreign learners. Furthermore, I have a strong passion for Arabic and delivering it in simple and a communicative approach. I don't just love what I do, I am really passionate about it! I also have a keen interest in brain friendly learning and digital and online education. My latest educational research studied a new method of improving informative assessment in online group learning. I also write and create a lot of Arabic learning content, both in Modern spoken Arabic and in colloquial Arabic. I have carefully and diligently created this unique course for new learners like you, so that you can attain real results especially after seeing firsthand how some students who have done several courses can actually barely speak any Arabic.


The Marhaba course is conducted over Zoom application, so you need to have a stable connection, and ideally a tablet or computer for larger view of letters. The course is open for all learners, from any gender, nationality, abilities and backgrounds.

Moreover, I provide tailored individual lessons, apart from Marhaba course, according to your own requests and needs, offered by one of my experienced native Arabic teachers, at £10 per hour. Please email for any enquiries:

  • Available Online

    One on one tailored lesson with an experienced native Arabic teacher.

    Read More

    1 hr

    25 British pounds
  • Available Online

    One on One Tairlored lesson

    Read More

    1 hr

    45 British pounds

Interested in Spoken or Colloquial Levantine Lebanese Arabic? Check out my signature online course below:

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